Chicago Hates You tees

Chicago Hates You tees

$35.00 — Sold out

Limited edition 'Chicago Hates You' tees, brought to you by Fake Shore Drive, Enstrumental, Leaders & Eschmitte

Now with 3 colors. Bears, Bulls and the traditional OG design.

$30! Shipping Included!

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Hate. Hater. Haterville. Chicago.

For many moons and many seasons, the street culture of Chicago has been shrouded in “hatred” and lack of support for our own. The examples are endless – a litany of Chicago artists, musicians, actors, brands and retailers – many are unsupported, most take their talent elsewhere. The proverbial “you do you” and “I do me” has resulted in a systematic inability (perhaps refusal) to do “us” … together. The net result is that, despite the cornucopia of talent and creativity native to the Chi, most of us will find ourselves unable to get that deal, concert venue, industry plug, retail space or manufacturer. In short, it’s a damn shame.

Never fear though…the beacons of fashion, retail and music, namely Eschmitte’ Brand, Leaders1354, Enstrumental and Fake Shore Shore Drive, have collaborated to give you the “Chicago Hates You” tee. The offering undoubtedly captures the frustration of being immersed in and battling through the culture of “Haterville.” But the tee doesn’t stop there. Inherent in its message, the CHY tee begs the question: If Chicago hates you and effectively hates US, then what? What are we then left with?

Perhaps it’s about time we focus our energy on something more constructive.

Chicago Hates You. Time to change Chicago.

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